Simple Techniques to Make Hot Water Systems More Efficient

Temperature control devices are among the largest energy consumers in your abode. They represent about 13% of your monthly electric bills. With the tough economic times, you need to implement measures that will help you reduce or control this percentage so you can save money.

One of the best ways to do that is to ensure the efficiency of your hot water systems. Read on to find out how you can practise this at home.

  • Turn it off while on vacations
  • Bear in mind that the continuous expansion and contraction of your water heaters will shorten its lifespan. Minimise this risk by turning the unit off whenever you are away on a holiday. This will also help you reduce utility bills while on vacation.

  • Improve efficiency of the tank
  • Conserve energy by flushing the system when the water is still cold. It is also advisable that you use a softener to keep scales from forming inside the tank, causing the system to work doubly hard but produce low-quality liquid. This also leads to higher energy consumption.