A Highly Advanced Water Softener with a Reliable Control Valve

If you are unfortunate enough to live in an area that has hard water then you will know all too well the problems that such conditions can cause. The performance of expensive appliances can become severely impaired and pipes can become calcified. A highly advanced water softener can ensure that your hot water tap kitchen appliance or shower unit remains free of the scourge of lime scale and in perfect working order for years to come. Kitchen appliances, in particular, are costly pieces of equipment that see a lot of use and it makes economic sense to care for them as much as possible by providing soft water. Water filtration systems will work more efficiently with soft water and filters will need to be replaced less often.


A water softener is an essential piece of equipment that will make your bathing experience more pleasurable and less time consuming by allowing soap to act more efficiently. Money spent in this area will be returned many times over by having to spend less time in the shower frantically trying to work up a satisfying lather. Your shower unit will also require far less maintenance and will continue to operate at optimum levels due to the lack of calcium build up around the element. Shower heads will also continue to provide a heavy spray of water and not be reduced to a pathetic trickle through blockage caused by calcium build up.


A major concern in areas of hard water is the negative effect on plumbing. A high tech water softener will ensure that your plumbing remains clear and in perfect working order, saving on the expenses incurred by regularly having to call on the services of a professional plumber. One of the first places that lime scale build up will become evident is in the filter of your water cooler and, when turning on your hot water tap kitchen appliance or shower unit, you may also notice a gradual reduction in performance due to the effects of using hard water. Plumbing is an integral part of your home and an area that should not be left to chance where potential blockages are concerned.


The performance of kitchen and bathroom appliances (like mains water coolers) can be seriously affected by the presence of lime scale which can also cause serious damage and eventual failure, leading to much expenditure on expensive repairs and replacements. Some of the appliances that will be affected by the failure to ensure a supply of soft water include:

  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Kettles
  • Shower units
  • Steam cleaners
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Water filter jugs
  • Advantages

An advanced water softener will have many advantages over a standard model, including a reliable control valve, which has long been a problem area with similar systems. A specially developed sensor will detect how much salt that you are using and will automatically make adjustments. A hardness testing kit will be supplied as part of the overall package, enabling you to monitor and control the performance of your system.


Hard water can lead to potentially catastrophic levels of calcium building up in your plumbing system and your appliances which can be averted by purchasing and installing a water softener. The benefits of using a water softener include savings on energy bills, repairs and replacement of damaged kitchen and bathroom appliances. Act now to prevent lime scale build up.