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What is the Free Installation Kit?

The AT 210 Water Softener comes with our Standard Installation Kit FREE OF CHARGE!
This what is included in the free installation kit...

Standard Kit:

1 x Pair of Standard Inlet Hoses (white)
1 x Transformer

1 x Pair of Hi-Flo Hoses (black)
1 x Water Hardness Test Kit

1 x White Overflow Hose (1.5m)
3 x 3/4" Washers
1 x 3/4" Screen washer

1 x 3m Red Drain Hose
1 x Set of 15mm Bypass Valves

1 x 3/4" Overflow Nut
1 x 1/2"-3/8" Speed-fit Drain Adaptor

1 x 3/4" Flexible Hose Adaptor Elbow
1 x Drain Saddle Clamp