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60% of UK homes experience the damaging effects of hard water. It is caused by naturally occurring limescale which is collected by the water at source as it filters through rocks in the earth, before it reaches our water supply.

In a hard water area, the symptoms can be seen all around the home. Scale leaves marks on your cutlery and crockery, stains your basin, bath and taps, narrows the plumbing in your boiler and tanks, and reduces the life span of your hot water system.

Everywhere that hard water is used will be affected, not only the unsightly visible effects, but more damaging and potentially costly, hidden effects too.

Government statistics show that scale builds at approximately 1.5 mm every year. By the time this has built up to just 6 mm of scale your fuel efficiency can be reduced by up to 40%. Eventually, your plumbing and heating systems become so inefficient, they require replacement.

Soft water will maintain your new heating system, bathroom and kitchen in pristine condition, prolonging its lifetime and maintaining efficiency.

Soft on your skin ...

Protecting the natural oils in your skin, soft water prevents dryness and various skin conditions, making sure skin stays silky smooth and soft.

Enjoy a more luxurious bath Relax and enjoy wonderful foaming bubbles that last right until the end of your soak. Soft water will make your shampoo more effective, give your hair a soft silky shine and make your soap products go much further.

With less cleaning to do, you can enjoy pampering yourself that little bit more!

Soft on your clothes ...

Soft water creates a richer lather and uses up to 50% less detergent in your washing machine for each load which is a significant money saver. It leaves your clothes cleaner and brighter, your towels fresher and fluffier and your whites whiter.

Less detergent means less irritants next to your families skin - particularly good for babies and young children of for those with skin problems like dryness or Eczema.

Softer on your pocket ...

Hard water costs you money and shortens the life of the products in your home that use water including your heating system, appliances, taps and pipe work.

With a more efficient heating system, your house will be warmer and your fuel bills lower.

Kitchens and bathrooms are much easier to keep clean with soft water. Without the build up of scale and water spotting, fittings require less cleaning - saving you time and money on detergents and cleaning products.

Significantly a good quality water softener like the AT 210 can actually pay for itself within just a few years of general use.

With all the benefits of luxurious soft water, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!
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Prevents the buildup of damaging limescale in pipes, taps and appliances
Soft on your skin
Soft water means less detergent in your washing machine which is better for delicate skin while still leaveing clothes clean and soft
Saves you money... in fact a water softener can easily pay for itself within a few years