AT 210 The Energy Efficient Water Softener  

AT 210 The Energy Efficient Water Softener

The AT210 is a fully automatic domestic water softener that removes hardness from the incoming water supply.

It helps keep hot water systems and other domestic water appliances scale-free. Soft water improves the efficiency of your central heating system and extends the life expectancy of boilers and hot water systems.

Soft water makes bathrooms easier to clean, requiring less detergent, whilst showers and taps work at full power as there is no ugly flow-restricting scale. Woolens and towels feel softer and colours stay brighter for longer. Soft water also helps maintain a healthier complexion and can help with problems such as dry skin, acne and eczema.

Suitable for families of up to 6 people, the microprocessor-controlled system regenerates only when necessary, saving on salt, energy and water.

Supplied with full installation instructions and a FREE fitting kit.
FREE DELIVERY VAT Included Free Installation Kit 10 Year Parts Guarantee Free recycling of unit at the end of its life